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Stardew Valley getting a new farm type - Beach Farm

Published: 12:40, 21 December 2020
Screenshot from Stardew Valley showing off its pixelated graphics still looking pretty in vibrant colours.
Stardew Valley

Where most games are going all snowy, Stardew Valley and its developer Eric 'ConcernedApe'Barone are heading the opposite direction - straight for the beaches.

So, Stardew Valley is getting a new farm type and a new menu, as ConcernedApe tweeted:

"If you're a seasoned player thinking of starting a new farm when 1.5 comes out, I'd like to highlight a couple of new features. There will be a new farm type, "Beach Farm", and a new "Advanced Game Options" menu, from which you can adjust some aspects of the game."

Advanced Game Options won't be retroactively available, i.e. you'll only be able to access a single option in your current saves. However, starting a new Stardew Valley farm after 1.5 means you'll be up to date.

Stardew Valley players will be able to deactivate Monster Spawn on the Wilderness Farm. That said, Barone pointed out that the Wilderness Farm has a higher chance of spawning Wilderness Golems than any other farm.

"Wilderness Golems drop mixed seeds and rice shoots, making them pretty valuable in early game", he wrote.

Currently, one bundle in Stardew Valley that requires red cabbage isn't obtainable in year 1, except by miraculous chance, but the menu includes the option to make it show up. 

Some users also pointed out that the part saying, "Sprinklers don't work in the sandy soil", and Barone had simple advice - make sure you get yourself an iridium can or die trying. Ok, we sort of added the "die trying" part for impact, but you get it. 

Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone Stardew Valley, 1.5 menu Stardew Valley, 1.5 menu

Barone was absolutely bombarded with questions, and if there are some answers you're looking for but haven't found, you can get them on the tweet in question .

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