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Stadia pricing, game announcements and launch info due in summer

Published: 05:46, 25 May 2019
White controller for Google Stadia
Google Stadia controller

We're sure that many are anxiously waiting on Google to share some juicy Stadia info with us, and we've no doubt Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo think the same. Google wrote that Stadia's pricing, games and launch info will arrive in summer.

Google broke the news via Twitter, so we'll have to wait a bit more for details, but hopefully not too long.

What we know for certain is what we've learned from Google Stadia's from GDC, where the dev pointed out that Stadia's 10.7  teraflops of raw computing power beats PS4 Pro and Xbox One combined.

Stadia will run 56 compute units and HBM2 memory. It uses a custom x86 processor at 2.7GHz with hyperthreading and AVX 2.

Its 16GB of memory offers up to 484GB/s transfer speeds and 9.5MB of L2+L3 cache.

Also notable is that Stadia is Linux-based and relies on open graphics API Vulcan. Support for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity is apparently already a done deal.

Not many games have been confirmed during the announcement but Google said that Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Doom Eternal will run 4K and 60 FPS at launch.

Stadia will have more than 7,500 edge node locations at launch, although it's safe to assume Google will be upping those numbers relatively soon.

Microsoft and Sony apparently plan to with their next-gen offerings, not to mention that they in one of the most unlikely unions, which left many of 's staff stunned and confused what this means for Sony's next-gen. 

Google mentioned that developers a certain commitment to Stadio before developing for it, and the early signs are pretty good, as Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick said that Google's console-less console is a

There's also Google's in-house studio, which will be developing games exclusively for Stadia, and despite the company's preference to not use the word 'exclusives', that's exactly what they'll launch when it comes to games.

Google Logo for Google's game-streaming platform Stadia Google Stadia

Unfortunately, Stadia's arrival also spelled the end for , as Google's entry on the market made two of their chief investors back away from funding a new console player on the market. 

You can find Google's tweet on Stadia information .

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