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Square Enix Collective announce indie line up for EGX 2017

Published: 18:58, 18 September 2017
Updated: 09:07, 21 September 2018
Tokyo Dark

EGX 2017 will play host to a multitude of publishers and developers this year, one of them being the Square Enix Collective. The publishing branch will have a stand with 10 promising indie games and 30 pods up for eager visitor inspection.

EGX trade fair in Birmingham will kick off soon and Square Enix Collective will be bringing a couple of indie games. Only the essentials. Square Enix Collective’s booth (stand S40), will be located right near the entrance to the entire event and it will feature a total of 10 games spread over 30 pods. More on those in just a second.

The Square Enix Collective line-up features some upcoming games as well as games that are already available.

The line-up looks like this:

  • Forgotton Anne by Throughline Games is a 2D cinematic anime adventure. Players take on the role of Anne as she tries to escape the Forgotton Realm. The developer collaborated with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra on the game's soundtrack. This marked the first time orchestral music for a videogame was being recorded in Denmark. They used concert hall Radiohuset for the occasion and the soundtrack was produced together with acclaimed music production house Timbre Music.

Sushee Fear Effect Sedna Fear Effect Sedna

  • by Sushee, will be the first new game in the series after 16 years.
  • by Sand Sailor Studio. The game concept came as a way to illustrate and express rebellion against the mechanisms of a heavily corrupted system, rooted in the decades of communism, Romania has endured.
  • Octahedron by Switzerland-based Demimonde. "EGX 2017 will be the first time gamers will be able to take on vertical action adventure Octahedron since it signed with Square Enix Collective" says the press release.
  • by Titutitech. The game is capture the flag kind of a thing with the exception that the flag is an angry rock in the shape of a head. The song in the trailer is catchy as hell.
  • by Cherrymochi. This psychological horror game has eleven possible endings thanks to a multi-branching story.
  • Battalion 1944 by Bulkhead Interactive. This multiplayer aims to bring the "old school" look back for the next generation. The gameplay is centered around 5v5 infantry based combat.
  • Deadbeat Heroes by Deadbeat Productions. The game is said to give new life to "the best tropes from classic 90s beat-em-ups in a 60s superhero parody". Think Adam West's Batman.
  • by Bulkhead Interactive. The game builds on a precedent set by the studio's first project - Pneuma: Breath of Life. Creative producer, Howard Philpott said "The profits from our new game ‘The Turing Test’ will go directly towards the development of our recently announced WW2 shooter Battalion 1944."

Bulkhead Interactive The Turing Test The Turing Test

  • Square Enix Collective’s first ever release,  , will be one of the games playable at EGX.
  • by Cardboard Utopia. The game is a single-player tactical RPG, and you can learn more about it right .

EGX Birmingham returns to the NEC on 21 - 24 Sep 2017.

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