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Destiny 2's Spring celebration event The Revelry is now live

Published: 18:53, 17 April 2019
screenshot from Destiny 2 showing spring-themed tower hub
Destiny 2 - The Revelry

Destiny 2's Spring celebration event is now up and running on all platforms and it brings a lot of new content including Verdant Forest, a spring-themed version of the Infinite Forest, a new exotic weapon named Arbalest and other rewards.

Destiny 2's much-anticipated event The Revelry, in which players are celebrating the joy of the Spring is finally arrived along with a fresh batch of spring-themed content and a lot of shiny, new rewards to grind for.

In The Revelry, The Tower has received a total makeover with flowers and colourful arrangements to set you in a proper Spring mood but after the celebrations and chat with other Guardians, you'll also get to take part in a brand new activity that is available at Eva Levante, named Verdant Forest.

This activity is a centrepiece of The Revelry and brings new combat mechanics and loot to gather. It's a spring-themed version of the Infinite Forest and once completed, it will reward you with a special exotic named Arbalest.

Of course, you'll have to grind a lot for the new exotic and the objective is to clear as many rooms as possible. The more spaces you clear, the more time you’ll have to defeat the onslaught of five different bosses and claim your reward. You can play the new activity solo, which is not recommended or bring one teammate with you.

In addition to Arbalest, Verdant Forest will also feature the new Inaugural Revelry armour set, which you can see in the picture below. You can earn pieces of this set by defeating bosses and the more bosses you defeat, the greater your chances to receive a drop. 

Eva will also have five weekly bounties that award Inaugural Revelry armour as a drop and each piece of the set you equip will boost the effect of the Reveler’s Tonic, which reduces the cooldown of your grenades, melee, or class ability.

Bungie screenshot from destiny 2 showing three characters with glowing horns Destiny 2 The Revelry rewards

And last but not least, similar to other recent events, Bright Engram drops will be doubled. Players at max level will receive both a Bright Engram and a Revelry Engram every time they level up. You can check these rewards in Bungie's .

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Destiny 2

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