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You can now cancel pre-orders on PlayStation Store

Published: 14:50, 01 April 2019
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The latest change in Sony's refund policy means that you'll be able to cancel pre-orders and get a refund to your PSN Wallet. You can also get a refund for games that already released but only if you never downloaded or played them.

You may think this is just one of those bad and annoying April Fool's jokes, that you desperately want to become true, but Sony's pre-order and refund policy update is as real as it gets.

According to Sony's PlayStation Store Cancellation Policy, which can be found on the official website, you will now be able to cancel pre-orders of digital content and get a refund directly to your original payment method or PSN Wallet, if that is possible, after the refund is approved.

If the game you wish to refund has already released, you can still request a refund to your original payment method up to 14 days after payment was taken for the pre-order, provided that you have not started downloading or streaming the content to your device.

You may say that this one doesn't sound like a big deal and that it would be great if Sony's policy was closer to Steam's, but it's better than nothing and it's nice to see Sony taking a small, but a right step to adjust their refund policy to better suit the players.

As for the games you already downloaded and played, well, the story stays the same as before and you will be able to get a refund only if the game you purchased is "faulty". This means causing crashes or other hardware related damage or bricking your PlayStation 4.

Sony also remind that purchased content usually starts downloading automatically if Automatic Downloads are enabled in your system settings. You can turn that off by heading to Settings, then System, then Automatic Downloads and unticking the checkbox next to Application Update Files.

This way, your games won't be downloaded automatically so you will have the option to ask for refunds.

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You can check Sony's pre-order and refund policy on the official PlayStation .

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