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Sony respond to PlayStation 5 release date rumours

Published: 13:31, 12 May 2020
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Today, a Japanese job listing by Sony Interactive Entertainment has appeared online, stating that PlayStation 5 is set to launch in October 2020. Sony have categorically denied it, saying it was an error by the recruitment site.

Lack of PlayStation 5 news is a becoming a real frustration for many PlayStation fans who are eagerly awaiting to hear new details about the next-gen console. However today, we got a new rumour suggesting that PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch in October 2020. 

The info has been found on a Japanese job listing by Sony Interactive Entertainment  stating that the perfect candidate would work with the Design Department and Quality Assurance Department on PlayStation 5, "which will be released in October 2020".

Sadly, Sony have quickly denied this claim. According to a report in the Japanese gaming website Famitsu , Sony confirmed that this was just an error by the recruitment site and not an actual PlayStation 5 release date.

Steel Drake artwork showing PS5 concept design PS5 concept design

Many would say that October 2020 certainly does seem pretty realistic especially since Sony released PlayStation 2 in North America in October. However, the last two consoles PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 both released in November so this may be what Sony are aiming for at the moment. 

Hopefully, we will hear more about the release date, price and next-gen games lineup on the rumoured PS5 reveal event in June 2020.

PlayStation 5 release window is still set for Holiday 2020.

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