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God of War gets a behind-the-scenes look at the motion capture process

Published: 15:38, 29 March 2018
Kratos in his norse boat with his son, on some river.
God of War

The tutorial on how to be the God of War was released today. It features the stuntman tasked with motion capturing Kratos in the newest installation of the series and how he came to the position in the first place. Kratos got old, not weak.

The next instalment in the God of War series got a trailer showcasing the events leading up to the professional stuntman Eric Jacobus portraying Kratos in motion capture throughout the game's combat. Sony Interactive Entertainment released the trailer today, with possibly more trailers about behind-the-scenes work being released in the coming months.

SIE Mocap actors being filmed for God of War God of War - Motion Capture process with Kratos' Voice actor Christopher Judge

As with previous titles, the 2018 God of War will probably be getting videos explaining the development of the game. As for the video in question, it stars stuntman Eric Jacobus explaining what he did in order to get the opportunity to work as the motion capture actor in terms of combat for God of War's Kratos. This practice has been in the industry for a while and has been remarked as a welcome addition to any video game-specific media.

Kratos' next adventure might not be coming until Summer 2022 God of War God of War

The newest game in the series is a welcome deviation from the series' standard hack and slash action where Kratos can take on 50+ enemies at a time without breaking a sweat. Here he is shown as a weathered older man still possessing Herculean strength and the ability to take down each opponent at a time fiercely and effectively, but also being much wiser and able to control his rage.

Sony God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe God of War

This upcoming God of War title is also reportedly made to be played in a one shot technique, not showing bits and pieces of other characters' perspectives. Instead it focuses on Kratos' perspective only as he journeys through the Norse world with his son Atreus.

The game will be in a third-person over the shoulder style camera where players will have a more than cinematic feel throughout the game as Kratos bashes and hacks opponents to pieces.

God of War will be rolling out pretty soon as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive with 20 April 2018 as it's targeted release. 

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