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Sony plan to release half of their games on PC and mobile by 2025

Published: 09:12, 26 May 2022
Horizon Forbidden West - Aloy
Horizon Forbidden West - Aloy

The Japanese tech giant will continue to push towards multiplatform releases in the coming years. 

Sony expect half of their gaming division releases to be multiplatform by FY 2025. The company is aggressively expanding towards a multiplatform plan, which will see around 50 per cent of first-party PlayStation Studios' games release on PC and mobile.

This is a significant strategy change when compared to previous years when Sony's games primarily launched on the PlayStation consoles but a one that is not unexpected - the PlayStation player base alone is no longer enough to make Sony happy and cover the ever-rising cost of making AAA blockbusters.

Such a strategy is an important part of Sony's grand plan to increase their gaming revenue and expand the IP into other mediums such as film and metaverse. 

Sony Sony are aggressively pushing towards multiplatform releases Sony are aggressively pushing towards multiplatform releases

PC players already got a couple of PlayStation exclusives such as God of War and Horizon Forbidden West but Sony won't stop there since they've recently acquired Nixxes, a studio that specialises in PC ports. 

In addition to this, Sony recently said they want to become more multiplatform in the coming years with their upcoming live-service games.

A dozen of GaaS titles are in the works in-house and with third-party partners and all of these are scheduled to launch by FY 2025. 

All in all, a welcomed change we would say. Bringing games to more people is always nice to see. We are eagerly awaiting the first details on Sony's new games that will be coming to PC and if the insiders are correct, we might hear something in September 2022, when the PlayStation showcase is rumoured to be taking place.

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