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Sony move 19 million PlayStation 4 consoles last financial year

Published: 15:10, 27 April 2018
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Sony's quarterly financial results have most certainly made the company's quarter, with PlayStation 4 shipping 16 million consoles in in the 2017 fiscal year ending with 31 March 2018 and this result is just slightly lower than last year's.

Now, 19 million units may not seem all that impressive until you factor in that PlayStation 4 is already an ageing console, having launched in late 2013. In fact, despite being almost five years old, PlayStation 4 shipped a mere million units less than in fiscal 2017.

Having said that, Sony are planning on moving further 16 million PlayStation 4 consoles in fiscal 2019, i.e. from 01 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. Note however that we're not talking about sold units here but rather units shipped to retail outlets.

Sony have announced back in January 2018 that their console has moved 73.6 million units, which means that it shipped 5.4 million units in just a few months. This goes to show PS4's immense popularity with the masses, despite its age. 

At the same time, Sony's PS Plus results are on the up as well with the company reporting 34.2 million subscribers to the service by 31 March 2018. This makes for a 2.7 million increase compared to the report from 31 December 2017, when PS Plus had hit 31.5 million. 

Nevertheless, Sony's biggest cash cow in the period were software sales, which found themselves ahead of hardware and services in the pecking order, although this isn't really a surprise.

Unfortunately, Microsoft are mostly coy about Xbox One sales but it is said that PlayStation 4 is most certainly the winner of this generation. Nintendo's Switch, on the other hand, has been doing pretty great, actually since its launch in March 2017.

There have been rumours of PlayStation 5 although this latest info from Sony's financial camp really makes the 2018 highly unlikely, at best. Nevertheless, you can check out on what exactly to expect from Sony's successor to PlayStation 4.

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