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Snapfire and Void Spirit join the fray in Dota 2

Published: 01:28, 27 November 2019
Dota 2 - Void Spirit
Dota 2 - Void Spirit

Dota 2 roster is getting enriched with grumpy grandpa, Void Spirit, and the jolly grandma, Snapfire, who are joining the rest of the heroes as The Outlanders update goes live.

Inai, the Void Spirit is a hero designated as a melee carry that is also highly mobile, with a few tricks up his sleeve that can help him outmanoeuvre the opponents. 

Aether Remnant will let Void Spirit lay traps for the enemies. He creates an aspect of himself that will focus on things in front of it and any enemies crossing the aspect's line of sight will be pulled in and damaged, allowing for both great ambush setups and gank prevention.

Dissimilate is an ability that provides several portals where the Void Spirit can pop up. When he does so, he will damage enemies surrounding the portal.

Resonant Pulse is a shield ability that will let Inai hop into the thick of the action and the physical protection will be amplified the more enemies get hit by the pulse.

Astral Step will make the spirit dash and create a rift along his movement path that will damage all enemies touched by it. Affected opponents will also be tagged by a mark that slows and significantly damages them upon exploding.

While the grumpy grandpa is a melee hero that focuses on moving himself, the jolly grandma can extend her mobility to allies.

First things first though - Scatterblast is a cone skill shot that damages and slows enemies, with amplified effects at point-blank range.

Firesnap Cookie will cause Snapfire to increase the mobility of her trusty mount or a chosen ally. Whichever is chosen will be able to jump once. Landing on enemies will damage and stun them.

Lil' Shredder will bring pain upon Snapfire's enemies as she loads the turrets on Mortimer's back and shoots the opponents with it.

Mortimer Kisses is the long-range artillery ability. Upon using it, Snapfire can guide Mortimer's projectiles to damage enemies at ranges that exceed what camera focused on a hero can see. These artillery shots leave lingering blots on the ground that will damage enemies crossing or standing on them.

Valve Dota 2 - Snapfire Dota 2 - Snapfire

The Outlanders update brought to Dota 2 that is reminiscent of walls of text slightly taller than a skyscraper.

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