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Skull & Bones has ships with MLRS but no deck battles

Published: 20:37, 07 July 2022
Updated: 20:46, 07 July 2022
Skull & Bones
Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones may have changed vision in the past but it appears this didn't help deliver experience fans would remember fondly.

Skull & Bones ship combat, progression and customisation trailer sounds like an ace in the hole when you read the title but as the devs got deeper into showcasing the game, people started noticing things that are lacking.

As far as ship combat goes, the video displayed several weapons across various ships that one can use to take others down. Even the beginner ship is not defenceless since the crew can toss spears from it and having two of these go at it will likely be a nice comic relief. 

With ships getting more advanced, the weapons get more powerful as well but no one really dreamed of seeing rocket launchers mounted to ships in an era where pistols and rifles still couldn't hold more than one shot and took an entire minute to reload. 

To make it worse, it looks like you can mount multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) on a ship. Unguided multiple-launch rockets are highly inaccurate as it is and having them on ships wobbling due to current while attempting to hit another moving ship is an ambitious endeavour, to say the least. Still, these MLRS operators appear to hit their targets regularly so one would have to assume they have some advanced guidance systems as well.

Despite ships having technology from hundreds of years into the future, the players can't actually fight personnel of the opposing ship. The boarding events shown in the video seem to be little more than a cutscene and they will probably have a prompt where you press a button so you don't miss out on loot that would otherwise sink.

While pirates with MLRS sound terrifying, matters become even worse when they get telekinesis because that appears to be the way they are harvesting materials for crafting.

In the end, it looks like it will end up being Skull & Barebones since the game is launching exactly four months after these reveals, which is definitely not enough time to overhaul core systems. It took five years to come up with the ones shown here, after all.

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