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Skull & Bones gameplay overview confirms setting, lack of non-naval combat

Published: 19:27, 07 July 2022
Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones

Skull & Bones gameplay trailer has landed, following the series of delays and radio silences and while it had some good things to show, hidden details were less impressive.

Ubisoft has revealed Skull & Bones gameplay overview trailer, which is trying its best to show the better sides of the game, which is not that unusual since trailers are generally products of marketing. 

In any case, the narration for the gameplay overview describes how the players will start small and will have to make their way to the top through risky contracts and voyages in the pirate-infested seas. 

Speaking of which, Ubisoft has officially confirmed the game takes place in the Indian Ocean, if anyone was still wondering, instead of the more popular and completely overused Caribbean setting. According to the trailer, we will get to explore anything between the coast of Africa and East Indies.

During those explorative and dangerous voyages, however, you will almost never leave the ship. The only instance of doing so will be when you're in an outpost in order to pick up contracts and do some trading. This also means there will be no melee or shooting combat to speak of - while boarding other ships is possible, it appears this will be done by the crew and not the player.

The only instance of combat that didn't involve a ship's weaponry in the trailer is when the player is chucking spears at a crocodile, for crafting purposes. 

One interesting detail about the game's logo is that it lacks actual skull and bones, despite the name.

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