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South East Asian Games officially add eSports as a medal sport

Published: 14:24, 28 November 2018
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Foreign Affairs Secretary and Philippines South East Asian Games Organizing Committee have officially announced that eSports will be a medal category at South East Asian Games in 2019. The flagship game choice is a bit peculiar though.

Emeritus Alan Peter, the chairman of PhilSGOC, announced that eSports will finally debut as a medal-worthy sport, during SEA Games in Philipines, in 2019. Razer will be the official partner, which almost immediatelly confirmed PC games would be incorporated in the competition, where the company could showcase their high-end peripherals.

That will not be the case with the first game that was announced though, since it will be a mobile one - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. League of Legends fans will likely remember this one as the creation of Moonton that prompted Tencent to sue them for plagiarism and eventually win $2.9 million.

The competition will have a total of six gold medals though, with two for each platform - mobile, PC, and consoles. The blatant ripoff of and may have been announced first due to Mobile Legends being extremely popular in Southeast Asia. 

Some Reddit users are that the game is so popular that fast food workers spend their breaks sitting on the sidewalk, playing the game next to each other. Some companies apparently even hold in-house competitions pitting departments against each other, with the employers covering the reward costs.

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Either way, the remaining five games are not announced yet, but it's highly likely Dota 2 will be one of the PC games, since it's more popular than League of Legends in the region. Curiously enough, even the DotA that was the Warcraft 3 mod seems to be more popular.

Whatever turns out to be the case, the remaining five titles will be officially announced before 15 December 2018, and eSports will come one step closer to entering the Olympics, since this competition is under the supervision of International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia. 

On the other hand, do eSports really need to join the Olympics that bad?



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