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Sci-fi shooter Boundary gets a new trailer; devs promise big news soon

Published: 07:01, 28 September 2021
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Boundary screenshot showing space combat

Developer Surgical Scalpels have dropped a brand new gameplay trailer for their astronomical first-person shooter Boundary. The team are hopeful that players will appreciate the footage ahead of some big news that will be coming soon.

Boundary is certainly one of the most unique upcoming shooters that fans of the genre will get to play. Set in space, the game ditches the traditional shooter gameplay style, replacing it with a zero-gravity environment where players can engage the opponents from each side. 

This is certainly an interesting concept but of course, until we actually get to play it, we won't know how or if this type of gameplay works at all. 

Anyway, today, the developer of the game, Surgical Scalpels, and publisher Skystone Games have released a brand new gameplay trailer for Boundary and promised some major news in the coming weeks. We assume the team is preparing to reveal closed beta test details or even announce a specific release date for the game since Boundary's current release window is 2021. 

Here is the brand new Boundary gameplay trailer:

The trailer looks stunning to be fair but it's not that different from previous ones. We wonder how the development team plans to tackle this potential issue of having very similar maps since their game is set on a space station. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Boundary is planned to release on PC and consoles later this year. 

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