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Xbox One's Fortnite bundle will include Save the World

Published: 18:22, 27 December 2018
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Fortnite's Save the World mode

Xbox One's Fortnite bundle caused confusion after redditors called out Epic for misleading advertising. The box clearly states that the full game is included, but the bundle was missing Save the World, which is Fortnite's paid co-op mode.

Epic have been called out for misleading advertising after one Redditor shared an image of the Fortnite Xbox One bundle box which clearly states that the full game is included along with 2000 V-Bucks. However, that wasn't the case and the bundle only comes with a code for the digital download of Fortnite's battle-royale mode and the already mentioned in-game currency.

The post to Reddit's front page with more than 25.000 upvotes and 1.400 comments. Players demanded that Epic clear the confusion and explain why the information on the box was clearly misleading.

Epic did react, and in their own Reddit post, they announced that everyone who buys the bundle will have access to the full game. "We agree that the messaging on the Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle was unclear and so will be granting free access to Save the World for those who purchased the bundle." was written in the statement.

The company also confirmed that they will communicate with players who claimed the Eon Bundle and will be granting them access in the upcoming days. Along with that, all future players who claim the bundle will automatically receive access to Save the World.

For those who already purchased Save the World and claimed the Eon Bundle, Epic are granting an additional 2,000 V-Bucks as a refund. 

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If your unfamiliar with Fortnite's modes, the game has a free battle-royale mode and a paid four-player cooperative mode called Save the World which was originally planned as Fortnite's main feature before battle-royale took over.

Anyway, it's great to see Epic react in a timely manner to solve the issue and clear any confusion regarding the Fortnite Xbox One bundle. Players praised their response by thanking the company for correcting the mistake, listening to their community and giving additional in-game currency to those who bought Save the World.

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