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Rumour: Dualshock 5 will be backwards compatible

Published: 12:05, 17 January 2020
artwork showing dualshock 2 controller for ps4
Dualshock 2

You will be able to use PlayStation 5 controller on PlayStation 4 if the latest listing on PS France is legit. The official website also lists the controller as DualShock 5.

As we get closer to the full reveal of PlayStation 5, which is coming sometime next month, new leaks and rumours have been appearing all over the Internet. The latest leak comes from the official website of PlayStation France.

A listing appeared on the website, revealing the name of PlayStation 5 controller and some other interesting details. As expected the controller is listed as DualShock 5 and according to the website, the next-gen device will be backwards compatible, which means it will work with the PlayStation 4.

The listing has been updated fairly quickly and it no longer includes DualShock 5 but ResetEra users managed to grab a screenshot while the listing was still live on the website. As you can see from the screenshot below, all PlayStation 4 models will be compatible with DualShock 5.

Now, Sony are yet to officially confirm this, but we assume it is just a matter of time before we get more details regarding DualShock 5. Of course, the backwards compatibility does not come as a surprise since DualShock 4 also works on PlayStation 3.

Sony already said that DualShock 5 will contain haptic feedback technology to create a more responsive device but other than that, the details are pretty scarce. Also, some leaked patents revealed larger analogue sticks, a built-in mic and a set of back paddles. Whether this is true or not, we'll probably find out in February.

AltChar artwork showing Listing on PlayStation France Listing on PlayStation France

You can the original screenshot on ResetEra.

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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