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Rogue Games announces Sprawl, a cyberpunk shooter with retro feel

Published: 15:12, 16 August 2021
Updated: 16:24, 16 August 2021
Rogue Games Inc

Sprawl may turn out to be the game we wanted for 26 years but it might be too early to confidently claim such things even though it looks promising.

Cyberpunk games are all the rage these days and some upcoming releases are trying to go back to the good old days around the turn of the millennium. One of them is Sprawl , a newly announced title that will feature a lot of action, inspired by an iconic franchise from the East.

As you probably guessed already, Sprawl draws elements from Ghost in the Shell and the devs described it as a "twitch-paced retro-FPS heavily inspired by eastern cyberpunk" that was inspired by the 1995 movie about Major Kusanagi's exploits. All of this is immediately evident from the screenshots and the trailer that show a bleak-looking city that is littered with neon signs and every type of advertisement imaginable.

Furthermore, the protagonist will be enhanced by cybernetic implants as opposed to going too close to the inspiration with a mind in a mechanical body. This character is called Seven and the player can scale walls or slow down time by utilising excess adrenaline drops that can be collected from the enemies that go squish.

Some of the aspects will be shared with Ghostrunner as the player will need to have great reflexes and quick resource management skills in order to get through the various enemies the game throws at them. The better they are, the more intense the background music will be so the best experience will be hidden behind the player's own skill.

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