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Rocket League players are protesting against loot box removal

Published: 09:04, 08 August 2019
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Psyonix recently revealed they would mostly remove loot boxes as we know them from Rocket League, replacing them with a more transparent system, akin to that of Fortnite Save the World. Against all odds, it didn't sit well with the players.

Psyonix recently announced they would remove the loot box system as we know it and replace it with a more transparent one, akin to that of Fortnite: Save the World. It's still randomised but players would essentially be able to see a queue of cosmetics they would get.

One would expect this to be positive news all around and that everyone would rejoice at the gaming industry's plague being curbed a little but this wasn't the case with certain groups in Rocket League community. The announcement was met with negative responses ranging from angry to outright hostile.

At first glance, there is no possible reason why players would want the loot boxes to stay but there are two distinct groups in the community that benefit from them.

The first group are the YouTubers that post loot crate opening videos. Normally, it wouldn't be a positive change for a company to remove a content creator's source of income just like that but these videos can be boiled down to being advertisements for gambling, aimed at children. Ricegum and Jake Paul were recently and rightfully for doing exactly that, with the main difference here being that Psyonix didn't pay Rocket League content creators to promote the loot boxes.

Cosmetics traders are the second group that benefit from loot boxes as they make money by hoarding the rarest appearance-altering loot and selling it at inflated prices on shady third-party websites. This created a cesspool of an economy dominated by scammers and other unsavoury characters, all neatly summed up in this .

Psyonix Rocket Leagues take on Jurassic Park's Wrangler Rocket League: Wrangler

Essentially, the players who didn't have anything to do with loot crate opening videos or third-party trading sites will undoubtedly benefit from these changes but the minority that was making a killing is going to protest.

Sadly, this minority will almost certainly serve as a corporate argument in the future when companies such as EA and Activision turn the loot box narrative on the players, claiming that gamers actually want gambling in their games.

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