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Robot City Stadium Now Available On Steam Early Access

Published: 13:43, 21 December 2016
Updated: 14:38, 09 February 2017
Robot City Stadium

A disc-throwing game you can enjoy without fear of breaking a window, launching for HTC Vive via Steam Early Access

The game was developed by Virtual Vengeance for HTC Vive, and it's only playable in VR. Robot City Stadium lets you play online against other players, be it friends, foes, lovers, people you went to school with, or complete strangers. In the arena, you depend entirely on your disc-throwing skills. The game is room-scale VR, so it should be easy to immerse yourself into the experience.

Nuances you pick up during training with the AI bots will go a long way in ensuring you come out a winner. An assortment of different arena layouts and features are in place, with the goal of keeping the game from going stale. Robot City Stadium is available on  Early Access.

Robot City Stadium Robot City Stadium


Robot City Stadium

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Robot City Stadium
Robot City Stadium

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