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Riot thoughts and explanations on Akshan's kit

Published: 01:47, 24 July 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Sentinel Akshan
League of Legends - Sentinel Akshan

All fans are aware of Riot's method when it comes to releasing champions. Make them overpowered to boost the sales, then nerf them into the dirt. However, the most recent champions have kits that don't seem to be able to be nerfed at all.

Even before Samira was released, League of Legends has its fair share of overpowered champions, whether it was due to items or the current meta. However, most recent champions have gone beyond that, with their abilities being such that, even nerfed, the core concepts are still game-breaking. Such is the case with Akshan.

Akshan is a mid-lane marksman assassin, built to play aggressively early on in the game by roaming and skirmishing. His intended strengths include:

Strategic flanking and target access due to stealth and mobility from grappling hook.

Long-range kill pressure with ultimate.

Unique utility by reviving slain allies.

Highly self-sufficient due to built-in shield and ability to choose engagements.

Strong burst damage, particularly when snowballing.

Windows of top tier roaming from increased movement speed when hunting Scoundrels.

His intended weaknesses, according to Riot, include:

Access to revive requires killing an enemy (often the most dangerous one).

Weak reactive defenses, particularly against aggressive melees that can body block his grappling hook.

Worst-in-Marksman-class sustained DPS.

Worst-in-Marksman-class attack range.

Damage falls off significantly with game time.

Extremely unreliable damage in team fights.

No crowd control, and very low value to the team when behind.

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His most obvious ability is reviving allies slain by the enemy "Scoundrel". Riot's status on this question is the fact that they cannot know whether it will fit the game unless they try it in a live setting. Which is true enough, League of Legends is a game that keeps on changing, and that is what has kept it at the top all these years.

However, this is not the first time a Revive has been in the game. There is a reason the summoner spell was removed from the game. With all these changes, even taking into account Riot trying to make a marksman/assassin champion, the most selfish roles possible combined, a champion that helps his team, games are more and more going down the road of a coin flip, rather than strategy.

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