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Riot introduces changes to Ultimate Spellbook with the latest patch

Published: 01:59, 23 July 2021
Riot Games
A bunch of League of Legends champions fighting each other.
League of Legends

A game mode such as Ultimate Spellbook is a dream come true for a lot of League players. However, with so many moving parts and interactions in a single game such as League, especially if those parts were never meant to interact, issues crop up.

Riot have had to put forth several changes to various champions terrain, and many bugfixes.

First, we must start off with the ultimate that has the most straightforward application but is also so very satisfying to hit if your team, and in the case of Ultimate SpellBook, you can follow it up.

Malphite R - Unstoppable Force is now available, with 0 bonus ability haste and 80% ratios.

Also, on the opposite end of that scale, is an ultimate that is as frustrating to play against as it is to use sometimes, which is Tryndamere's R - Undying Rage, which is no longer available.    Bard is getting buffed in this game mode, with a 5% damage buff, and also a 5% damage mitigation.

Yuumi, Jax, and Trundle are getting debuffed, however:

Jax: +5% damage taken

Trundle: +5% damage taken

Yuumi: -5% damage dealt, -20% healing and shielding ⇒ -5% damage dealt, -25% healing and shielding.

Besides that, now Stealth champions can now get stealth Ulternate Summoners offered to them. Clones will now properly copy health bar icons, including the Ulternate Summoner icon. This fix applies more broadly as well (e.g. Omnistone will now properly copy its icon over). First Blood gold now correctly matches the classic Summoner’s Rift value (150 gold ⇒ 100 gold), as well.

Riot Games League of Legends - Nexus Blitz map Hopefully, Ultimate Spellbook sticks around longer than Nexus Blitz

Dragon Soul’s revive now triggers after champion revives.

Riot have fixed a bug where the announcement text for stealing a Ruined Dragon was incorrect.

Volibear will no longer sometimes spit out missiles from his Ulternate Summoner when trying to bite.

Matchmaking for the Ultimate Spellbook queue has also been reseeded! This means that your matches should now be with players of a more equal skill level. This fix happened in the middle of the last patch, but it’s worth a callout even now.

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