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Riot Games will remove division promo series and improve matchmaking

Published: 20:08, 17 September 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Samira
There will be some huge changes in the upcoming preseason

The official League of Legends website has released an article about the upcoming preseason changes to the ranking system. Two of the biggest adjustments will be the improved matchmaking system as well as the removal of promo matches.

Riot Games have already announced some sizable changes to the items that will have a huge impact on the game itself. It seems like that won't be the only overhaul we'll see in the 2021 preseason as the newest article on the official League of Legends website revealed that there will be some big adjustments to the game's competitive ranking system.

One of the biggest changes is the removal of the inter-division promotion games which were a huge source of relief if you win them. However, losing your promotion games five times in a row can be frustrating, to say the least. This will cause players to shift more frequently between ranks. It should also be noted that as much as it will be easier to climb, dropping down through a division will be just as fluent.

This change will affect both solo and flex queue and it should be noted that players will still be obligated to play five provisional matches if they want to enter the next division. Leftover LP will be transferred into the next division which means that the unlucky 99 LP situations won't be as big of a problem now.

Further on they mentioned that duo queues for Master and the ranks above will be completely removed which could harm some of the high elo players, especially those who play AD carry and Support as a duo. Fans are pretty happy with those changes but they are hoping that this change will be implemented in the lower ranks as well.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Alistar - Conqueror skin splash art Some long-awaited changes

It's also said that we will see a big improvement in the matchmaking system which will result in more balanced games from a division and LP perspective. This will naturally increase the queue times but not by that much - only 5 additional seconds for 50 per cent of the player base, and 90 seconds for the highest of ranks.

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