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Riot Games to pay $10 million in class action lawsuit settlement

Published: 22:56, 02 December 2019
Riot Games
Picture of the Riot Games campus in Los Angeles
Riot Games campus

Riot Games ran into a pile of PR trouble after an expose on the company culture which was followed by walkouts and a class action lawsuit. The latter has a nifty $10 million settlement attached to it.

Riot Games were accused of an internal culture that promoted severe misconduct in the workplace as well as gender discrimination. Many allegations were laid upon the company, including wage gaps and retaliation on outspoken individuals through demotions, refused promotions, reassignments, losses of benefits and more.

The whole saga began following Kotaku's expose on Riot's internal culture, which was then followed by the class action lawsuit and eventually the walkout after the company tried to force two individual case into arbitration.

Riot Games committed to several improvements in order to curb the aforementioned culture but there was still the lingering case of class action lawsuit. That part of the story seems to be coming to a conclusion, as by LA Times. 

According to the new documentation that was filed, both parties agreed to a settlement in the range of $10 million and they are waiting for the court to approve it. 

Considering Riot Games have roughly 1,000 female employees, this could seem like not much of compensation on an individual level but it is not entirely clear how many of them went with the class action lawsuit or whether the compensation will be company-wide. The employee numbers are usually representing the company's worldwide workforce and the case is related to the LA headquarters.

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Meanwhile, the demands made during the walkout have been largely left aside and it remains to be seen how the company and the employees get along in the future.

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