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Riot Games have revealed their plans on bringing back the Winter map

Published: 21:10, 03 August 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends Baron in game screenshot
Do you like the Winter map?

The official League of Legends website revealed an article in which Riot stated that they currently don't have any plans to bring the iconic fan-favourite Winter map back to the game.

Summoner's Rift is by far the most popular map in League of Legends and the only one that includes a ranked system. Players are naturally used to the normal design of the map and every slight change makes a big difference. One of the community's favourite changes is surely the Winter map that Riot frequently introduced at the end of the year.

The map usually arrives as a part of Riot's Snowdown Showdown yearly event, which also brings a lot of other features - skins, icons, and emotes.

Sadly, in their recent "Ask Riot" article, Riot revealed that they currently don't have plans on bringing back this fan-favourite map. According to them, the biggest downside to these map changes is that they don't last very long and often lack depth.

Further on, they explained that they will be focused on long-term map improvements, similar to the recent changes to the Nexus Blitz map which looks absolutely gorgeous with its unique art style that follows the ongoing Spirit Blossom event.

They mentioned their last year's addition of the four Elemental Rifts as a prime example of how to add depth to a new map design. These adjustments are also one of the reasons why they can't add a map that will be in sync with the four map Elemental Rifts that occur.

Riot Games A screenshot from the game League of Legends The recent changes for the Infernal Rift map

The Infernal Rift brings fire to the whole map which might be a problem considering that it would be completely covered in snow. The other example would be all the flowers that spawn on the Ocean Rift.

Even though it seems like Winter won't be coming to the Rift this year, we are still excited about Riot's future work when it comes to adapting the Winter map to the four Elementals.

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