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Riot Games aiming for many more League of Legends champions

Published: 19:25, 26 June 2018
Riot Games
Aatrox is looking cool in his new splash art following the champion rework
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Riot Games' lead game designer talked about the future of League of Legends' champion roster expansion and reworks in an interview with PCGamesN where he stated that "there's an enormous amount of things Riot Games still want to do".

League of Legends' roster currently counts 141 champions but according to RiotMeddler, there is no intention on cooling the forge. The massive amount of champions has introduced problems with creating new champions that actually feel new, and not just recycling of the old abilities.

This was one of the topics of the  as League's newest champion, Pyke, literally has a mix of Thresh, Twitch and Darius' abilities. Meddler admitted that it's getting increasingly challenging to create a new unique champion but he's also not worried about running out of ideas.

According to him, it's harder to create new champions that aren't too different from what we already have in League, since it feels "really awkward, or a completely separate game". He mentioned Ivern as an example, as his kit was a bit too alien for the players which resulted in players giving the champion a try and just never playing him again as Ivern felt too different.

Therefore, Riot Games aimed to find the sweet spot with Pyke between abilities that the players are used to and new things that a mix of these abilities offers. I guess that's how we got a sneaky dunking Thresh in the end.

Meanwhile, League of Legends' marksman champions are struggling harder than ever as they are being pushed out of the only role they were viable in - bot lane. Riot Games are enjoying the newfound diversity in bottom lane as well as the viewers following LCS, but full melee teams can only hold the hype for so long.

There is apparently a work in progress in order to make marksmen relevant again but Riot Games seem to be taking their time as SKT vs KT series has finished mere hours before this article was written, with SKT emerging victorious. Guess which team played with a marksman in all three games.


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