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Riot Games channel has reached 1 billion views on Twitch

Published: 19:44, 25 June 2018
Riot Games
Promotional image for Riot Games featuring the filled venue for 2018 World Championship
Riot Games

Riot Games are the Psy of video games and their Gangnam Style is, of course, League of Legends. Riot's Twitch channel became the first to break into the 1 billion views bracket, although the numbers are from instead of YouTube.

Riot Games have accumulated quite the lead on Twitch's top 10 most viewed channels, as their number of total views is more than two times higher than ShadBaseMurderTV's which is in the second spot, standing at nearly 437 million views. Now this is hardly a surprise as all official League of Legends pro league matches are hosted on this channel and they have more than 100.000 concurrent viewers most of the time.

That said, these numbers are mostly spiking around weekends when EU and NA LCS matches are being played as well as LCK and LPL ones. That said, it is rather impressive that a channel drew in so many views even though it's not streaming on daily basis.

When it comes to daily streamers though, League of Legends most viewed daily streamer is imaqtpie with 280 total views. This number is currently enough to keep him in #6 spot which makes him the only League of Legends streamer besides Riot Games that is in top 10 most viewed channels on Twitch.

Technically, Dyrus has more views than imaqtpie with around 414 million views in total, but these are split between two channels - TSM_Dyrus and Dyrus. The latter one was created in 2016 and has already generated more views than TSM_Dyrus in the span of two years, standing at 210,4 million vs 203,8 million views. If they were one channel, Dyrus would come in at #3 spot, just behind ShadBaseMurderTV.

YouTube Ocelote is crying after his loss in SK vs Fnatic game during IEM Katowice 2013. League of Legends - SK Gaming's captain, Ocelote, was openly shedding tears after xPeke's backdoor.

Considering Fortnite's massive popularity explosion, many of you are probably wondering where Ninja is on this ladder. He is sitting at #8 spot for the moment, with 229 million views but he is likely to climb in quickly as he streams daily and normally generates around 70.000 concurrent viewers. 

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