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Riot Games discipline Echo Fox Academy members for griefing

Published: 20:22, 02 August 2018
Riot Games
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Members of Echo Fox Academy were recently involved in a League of Legends griefing incident where they banned their teammates' champions on purpose and impersonated the streamers while doing so. Riot has issued a ruling for the case.

Three members of Echo Fox Academy - Cake, Mabrey and Spica were penalised by Riot Games following their . Their sanctions were not of equal severity, as not all of them exerted toxicity on similar levels in the past, nor in the incident itself.

Cake, who acted as the apparent brains behind the incident received the most severe punishment - $1000, for three separate counts of griefing. Mabrey was fined with $500 as he was a part of two counts of griefing and Spica was just issued a warning for "one instance of griefing", which likely refers to him banning one of the champions.

These fines may seem like a simple slap on the wrist, but considering they aren't players in any of the major leagues, since EF Academy doesn't compete in NA LCS, the punishment is more severe than it looks, due to the players probably not having pay checks as high as LCS pros. On top of that, it is unknown if Cake and Spica received any wages yet since they joined the team on 25 July 2018, just days before the incident.

On top of the fines Echo Fox will likely take disciplinary action as well, since the team got implicated due to its player's indiscretions. The team has been issued a warning by Riot Games and now has 45 days to submit a plan on educating its players on toxicity.

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Meanwhile, the funky trio was also issued an additional warning that they are under "heightened review", meaning their active summoner names will be regularly checked for toxicity and even a small infraction in a game could result in them being banned from any competitive scene sanctioned by Riot Games.

The ban wouldn't be permanent though, but a year of inactivity can have dire consequences for professional players in any sport, especially in League of Legends where a two day break from the keyboard sends your mechanics out the window. You can read up on full ruling on Riot Games' .

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