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Riot Games reportedly withheld critical information from DFEH

Published: 00:32, 19 June 2019
Riot Games
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League of Legends developer Riot Games found themselves in a pickle when gender-based controversy sparked the emotions. It led to a series of events that culminated in DFEH investigation that Riot are apparently not co-operating with.

Riot Games found themselves on the receiving end of an expose on gender-based discrimination in the company which led to a lot of other dirty laundry popping up.

Fast forward to more recent days, Californian Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) opened an investigation into allegations of the gender-based wage gap in Riot Games.

Initially, the company stated they will fully co-operate with DFEH which would include necessary material for the investigation. According to PC Games Insider's , this did not turn out to be the case as DFEH stated that Riot Games withheld information critical to the investigation.

Whether it was just a regular PR announcement with no intention of actually sharing the necessary material or simply inability to predict which sensitive information DFEH may ask for, the situation is not unfolding well for League of Legends' developer.

DFEH filed for an investigation enforcement suit in order to make sure they get the information out of Riot Games but they are currently still waiting for the green light. Meanwhile, Riot Games are keeping quiet about the whole situation and no official press release has been posted.

Furthermore, the developers refused to comment after being prompted by PC Games Insider, possibly hinting that the company is really unwilling to co-operate with DFEH since silence is sometimes an answer of its own. Still, nothing is official and the following days should shine more light on the whole investigation, possibly after the government starts twisting Riot's arm.

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Riot's previous contracts that made sure employees waived their right to pursue legal action may sound shady in most of the world but it is legal in USA. On the other hand, omitting information from a government agency may be less so. 

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