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Riot Games changes LoL esports site after dissing Play-Ins

Published: 12:49, 27 September 2021
Riot Games
Picture of League of Legends champion Kai'Sa
League of Legends: Kai'Sa

Riot Games' apparently internal joke made waves as it came off wrong for any teams participating League of Legends World Championship 2021 Play-In stage.

League of Legends hype is growing steadily as the World Championship 2021 draws closer but this edition of the biggest tournament of the year will stay marred by an unsavoury joke that disrespected the participating teams.

Each Worlds has the official Pick 'Em challenge that is run by Riot but conspicuously enough, it doesn't feature the Play-In stage. With the 2021 edition, however, players ran into an unsavoury message that stated Riot doesn't have time for this fiesta , which is why the predictions weren't available.

Numerous high profile individuals expressed their confusion and concern over the message since it sounded like a bad attempt at a joke at best and a daring insult at worst, especially when you consider the calibre of teams that are participating in the Play-In stage.

The official response from Riot came via the LoL Esports Twitter account, stating it was an ironic joke that was created out of frustration over the inability to support the Play-In stage. It was originally meant to be a placeholder but it eventually went live.

Guessing by the community response, not many are happy with Riot's apology and it remains to be seen how or whether the participating teams will react.


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