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Riot Games cancel LoL All-Star event of 2021

Published: 11:24, 01 December 2021
Updated: 12:24, 01 December 2021
Riot Games
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League of Legends All-Star event has been cancelled as a combination of the ongoing issues with in-person tournaments and Riot's stance on online competitions clashed.

League of Legends usually has the biggest and most-watched tournaments out of any esport but All-Stars events kept declining in popularity and the Covid-19 pandemic put even more pressure on the organisers. Furthermore, Riot Games leaned away from having pros in all the matches and towards introducing influencers to the event, which was not really well-received.

All of this led to an announcement that didn't really surprise the fan base as LoL All-Stars 2021 was cancelled. 

While it's obvious why an in-person event would be too much, with the additional travel restrictions and increased risk of infection regardless, you might be wondering why Riot didn't go for another online event.

This is apparently because Riot Games didn't feel this format captured the spirit of the All-Star events as it meant to "bring pros, influencers, and fans together to celebrate the LoL Esports with cross-regional competition". This makes sense in the way that players from various continents would have high ping if the event was played on a different one.

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That said, it seems like Riot is still committed to keeping the influencer matches a part of All-Star events, which has caused controversy in the past, due to the players mostly not enjoying these as much as seeing teams made of the best-performing pros of the season, or in Faker's case - ever.

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