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Riot Games are planning to rebalance the bot and mid lane positions

Published: 21:20, 01 May 2020
Updated: 21:39, 01 May 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Ashe, Project Ashe skin splash
Could we see a rebalance of the ADC meta?

An interesting article on the official League of Legends website has revealed some of the things the balance team is working on regarding role balance and matchmaking.

League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, also known as Riot Scruffy, has released his weekly "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" piece where he mentioned a couple of very interesting things they are planning to do with the game.

The first part of the article talks about the current state of the roles in the game, saying that they don't think that all positions should have an equal impact on the game. However, it's also stated that there are some roles which influence is higher or lower than it should be.

The metric they used is MMR (matchmaking rating) and they came to the conclusion that in a strong role, the MMR difference has a higher impact on the outcome of the game, whereas there is less of a difference in a weaker one.

They continued by saying that the overall bot lane influence has decreased compared to the previous seasons and a slight buff might be on its way for that position.

When it comes to the mid lane, while they are aware that it should be one of the strongest roles in the game, it currently has too much power. Plans are being made to slightly nerf the mid lane position, without changing the top lane in the process.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Azir Gravelord skin Return Shurima to... balance?

The matchmaking algorithm is also a part of the game they are apparently working on, saying that the time a smurf player spends in matches below his skill level will certainly get reduced.

While the post contains changes to various aspects of the game, it was made clear that they aren't guaranteed to hit the live servers. Depending on their further investigations, all of the above-mentioned things "may get delayed or even stopped".

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