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Riot Games announce LCS Spring Split 2022 player awards

Published: 12:09, 02 April 2022
Updated: 12:10, 02 April 2022
Riot Games
LCS Spring Split 2022 Awards
LCS Spring Split 2022 Awards

LCS Spring Split has concluded and teams are now preparing for the playoffs but before that happens, a panel of voters picked their best individuals during the regular season.

LCS Playoffs are starting on April 2, 2022, with C9 and TL being the main contenders for the trophy. As such, it is no surprise that a panel of  LoL esports experts mostly voted for their members while determining the best individuals for each position over the course of the regular season.

The best All-Pro Team , with the players who received the most points in their lanes, consists of:

  • Top - Summit (C9)
  • Jungle - Blaber (C9)
  • Mid - Bjergsen (TL)
  • Bot - Hans Sama (TL)
  • Support - CoreJJ (TL)

Coming in second, the next best All-Pro Team in LCS was:

  • Top - Ssumday (100 Thieves)
  • Jungle - Santorin (TL)
  • Mid - Toucouile (FLY)
  • Bot - Berserker (C9)
  • Support - Huhi (100 Thieves)

Finally, the third place was reserved for:

  • Top - Bwipo (TL)
  • Jungle - Closer (100 Thieves)
  • Mid - Fudge (C9)
  • Bot - FBI (100 Thieves)
  • Support - Vulcan (EG)

Interestingly enough, only C9's support didn't make into the top three support when it comes to players from the top two teams. As far as the best All-Pro Team goes, all of the players had over 100 points, which can't be said for any in the second-place team. 

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C9's Berserker came the closest to this milestone with 96 points in total.

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