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Riot Games rebrand EU LCS to LEC and announce the team roster

Published: 11:19, 21 November 2018
Riot Games
Promotional image for League of Legends European Championship
League of Legends European Championship

League of Legends undergoes major changes during the off-season period each year, and this time the eSports were no exception. Riot Games rebranded EU LCS to LEC, after six years of the former name and announced the participating teams.

Europe League Championship Series (EU LCS) finally reached the finals of a World Championship for the first time after Season 1, only to be rebranded to League of Legends European Championship (LEC) shortly after.

According to the official announcement, the organisation wanted a different and unique brand for the former EU LCS. This change probably had roots in a wish to distinguish the Western leagues from each other, just like LCK and LPL are distinct and not just Eastern leagues with similar names.

Many fans were taken by surprise though as not many perceived having NA LCS and EU LCS as an issue, but rather something that sparked the rivalry between the regions further. Some nostalgic fans will definitely not feel the same during Rift Rivals as we don't get to see EU LCS vs NA LCS anymore.

Anyway, the ten in LEC will be Fnatic, Schalke 04, G2 Esports, Misfits Gaming, Origen, Excel Esports, Rogue, SK Gaming, Splyce and Team Vitality. Some of these teams still don't have any players announced, but these reveals should be expected in the near future as LEC will kick off on 18 January 2019.

Probably the most interesting signings include Hans Sama and Febiven to Misfits Gaming, with the latter returning to Europe after a spell in North America. Febiven's career highlight is probably still the incredible season with Fnatic where the team went undefeated (18-0) in 2015 EU LCS Summer Split. 

Fnatic Picture of Fnatic logo with a venue in the background League of Legends - Fnatic

Speaking of Fnatic and Misfits, sOAZ is another player with some highlights in Fnatic that might be joining Misfits. An ESPN correctly called that Febiven will join the team, but there is currently no official statement from either team regarding sOAZ's status.

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