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Riot are deleting every complaint about League of Legends Chemtech drake

Published: 01:22, 07 December 2021
Riot Games
Even more camouflage on the Rift with this drake, what can go wrong?
League of Legends - Chemtech Drake is coming back in style

As the drake with the, currently, highest win rate, chemtech drake is not a fan favorite, to say the least. And Riot are deleting every post made on the official subreddit regarding the problems it's causing on the RIft, according to the fans.

During this preseason, Riot have added two additional elemental drakes to the Rift. One of those is the Hextech drake. Its soul gives you a buff that is reminiscent of the old Statikk Shiv, while the changes it brings to a map are portals that allow you to, well, portal between two connected portals when not in combat.

This drake is very balanced in our opinion and brings some potential for macro outplays while not giving an unfairly large advantage to one team that can not be surpassed.

The Chemtech drake, however, is another story. The current League of Legends meta is focused on deleting your opponents before they delete you, and team fights usually last for thirty seconds. The Guardian Angel item is situational, and usually not worth the money or the item slot it takes up. However, the Chemtech drake soul gives the whole team Sion passive during which abilities can be used.

All of these, and more, players have tried to bring to the attention of RIot via various means, but they remain adamant that there is nothing wrong with the drake, and shut down any and all attempts to complain about it. The only way to do so now is on the League of Memes subreddit, while the official one only accepts fan art and eSports news. After all, RIot believe that the game is in a state of balance, and all champions are currently in a good spot, except for Dr. Mundo during his rework release.

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With the new drake soul, it matters not if you've burst an enemy carry down and used all of your cooldowns, they will just revive and blast all their, considerable, damage into your team by the time they die once again if they even do with all the bugs surrounding the drake.

The map changes favor heavily the winning team, making the losing team not able to leave their base, effectively, and be choked to death over the course of the next ten minutes of the game, and the bounty system becomes useless, as no bounties can be, practically, claimed.

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