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Rick Fox finally reached Bronze in League of Legends

Published: 18:37, 16 November 2019
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Rick Fox

Rick Fox recently made it to Iron 1, the highest division in said tier of the ranked ladder in League of Legends. He was on a tight schedule to reach Bronze before the end of Season 9 but he actually made it happen.

League of Legends' bottom tiers, Iron and Bronze, are usually not a place where exciting things happen but that has changed with the former owner of Echo Fox. Following the successful climb from the very bottom of the ladder to Iron 1, it took Rick Fox just a couple of days to climb through it and qualify for for Bronze.

Just two days later, Fox reported he had successfully completed the promotion series and . These tiers are not a big deal for many League of Legends players but it will be interesting to see if we will get any collaboration streams with teaming up in the same division.

The progress caught attention of high-profile entities in League of Legends esports, with Fnatic about a professional contract. Similarly, the official LPL account about getting Fox into one of the top three Chinese teams, including the reigning champions FunPlus Phoenix.

Considering the former NBA player initially only got into League of Legends in order to bond with his son, it is heartwarming to see the progress as he keeps climbing the ladder. Getting out of Iron is likely only the first step for Fox as there are four divisions in Bronze to climb if he is to reach the same league as his son.

Speaking of, Kyle Fox recently posted his own on Twitter, revealing he was close to dropping from Silver 3 to Silver 4 but managed to climb to Silver 2 in the meantime. 

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Season 9 is ending in just a few days but Kyle appears to have a real chance at getting into Gold by the deadline. This would net him Victorious Aatrox, for collection purposes if nothing else.

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