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Review roundup: Call of Duty Modern Warfare sets the benchmark

Published: 07:16, 25 October 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Captain Price
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Captain Price

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has received mostly positive reviews on launch and its praised as one of the best instalments in the series. The review score on Metacritic is currently at 86 out of 100.

Infinity Ward's highly anticipated shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally here and by the looks of it, the majority of the gaming critics are enjoying it. At the time of writing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sits at 86 out of 100 scores on Metacritic with fifteen positive reviews.

The game is praised for its singleplayer campaign, which sets the benchmark for all future instalments. And while Modern Warfare's campaign is the main star of the show, the multiplayer follows closely but not every new game mode is as good as some may expect. 

Hardcore Gamer gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.5 out of 5, praising the campaign which is "an exhilarating ride that puts players in a variety of different gameplay situations." They also commented on the new engine, saying that it was a much-needed facelift for the series. As for the multiplayer, it's not as fun as the campaign but it's still an enjoyable experience.

"Spec Ops mode is fine, but the brutality of Operations and the lack of multiple Classic Spec Ops missions makes the feel like an afterthought compared to campaign and multiplayer," Hardcore Gamer said about the multiplayer.

Game Informer rated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 88 out of 100 saying that the main campaign story is best in the series since the original Modern Warfare in 2004.  "While the campaign isn’t as big in scope or as thrilling to play as most Call of Duty games, it does tell a hell of a story – perhaps the best in this series since, well, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"

They also praised the new Gunfight mode and found that "leveling up guns is ridiculously fun, and the breadth of modes keeps this experience from feeling repetitive." Game Informer concluded by saying that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is "a game you can sink tons of time into".

The lowest score comes from Games Radar, who gave Modern Warfare 80 out of 100. They say that the game looks and sounds stunning but a handful of missions feel tasteless. "It's a fun and frenetic shooter that delivers in all of the ways that you'd hope and expect it too," said Games Radar.

Activision Armoured vehicle from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Here are more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review scores:

  • PlayStation LifeStyle - 90 
  • Daily Star - 80
  • PCGamesN - 80
  • PC Gamer - 80

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the original series

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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