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Rekkles leaves Fnatic's League of Legends squad after all

Published: 20:49, 18 November 2020
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless

Two iconic European League of Legends teams lost their iconic players in a single preseason. This time around, it was Martin "Rekkles" Larsson leaving Fnatic.

Many LEC fans were left shocked following Perkz's departure from G2 Esports as he was the face of the team and has been with the organisation pretty much since the beginning.

While Rekkles wasn't with Fnatic since inception, he was the member that spent the most years with the team. In fact, he was around enough that his name became synonymous with FNC.

During the preseason, Fnatic noted that their ADC wouldn't re-sign immediately but what the fans didn't expect was that he wouldn't re-sign at all. Everyone theorised he just wanted to see the other teams' offers and figure out whether Fnatic would match them.

On November 18, 2020, the organisation posted an official statement where they informed the fans that Rekkles has signed with another organisation after eight years and almost 600 matches with the team.

The statement also emphasised that the organisation gave him an offer that was bigger than any other they made to any player and it included a long-term plan for after his playing career but this didn't sway his decision.

Neither the organisation nor the player announced where he would be going next but Rekkles posted a single tweet, simply saying "Sorry" .

It may be noteworthy that the tweet was in Chinese which may or may not be an indicator of his next destination.

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