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Red Dead Online getting three new unique roles with next update

Published: 13:47, 03 August 2019
Take-Two Interactive
Bounty Hunter role from Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online

Rockstar have announced that the next update for Red Dead Online, which arrives this summer, will bring three new and unique specialist roles, which are tailored to specific play styles. These are the Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector.

The dev said that most recent additions to Red Dead Online are a proper foundation for the future, encouraging players to roam and experience the world the way they see fit. 

Building on that later this summer, Rockstar will roll out the new roles, deepening the gameplay with specialists that offer "unique paths of progression, each providing their own experience with tailored gameplay elements and benefits that will allow players to become even more deeply connected to their character and the choices they make as they inhabit the world of Red Dead Online."

Bounty Hunters make their living by hunting down bounties, duh, although the way they go about it will be reflected in the honour level.

Their progression unlocks items like reinforced lasso, gun-spinning tricks, and advanced tracking skills, like using Eagle-eye while sprinting, galloping, etc. 

Red Dead Online's Traders are the capitalists of the bunch, and their skills allow them to collect valuable materials and produce highly sought-for goods.

Traders' progression unlocks Camp upgrades like Weapons Locker, Stew Pot and even canine guards, who will warn you of any attacks. "As your business expands, you can gain new skills, improve your satchel or add new assets to your business like hunting wagons to bring in bigger hauls and much more", Rockstar wrote.

Last but not least is the Collector, who's an even more specialised trader, and Rockstar said that a mystic travelling saleswoman in the wild is how you get started with the role.

Take-Two Interactive Trader role from Red Dead Online Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online's Collectors will be collecting lost jewellery, rare arrowheads and other trinkets, with the progression unlocking items like Refined Binoculars, Horse Lantern, Metal Detector and other skills.

Take-Two Interactive Red Dead Online's new role Collector Red Dead Online

Note that Red Dead Online players' choice is not an exclusive one, i.e. they can play all the roles simultaneously.

You can find the announcement on Rockstar's .

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