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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw finally shoots its way to consoles and Steam

Published: 21:57, 02 September 2020
Double Damage Games
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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

After a silent treatment from Double Damage Games, we get a release date for the space-dogfight shooter, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, for Steam, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

One year after the release on PC, exclusively on Epic Games Store, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will finally shoot it's way to the consoles and Steam. After postponing the release due to a global pandemic known as COVID19, Double Damage Games have decided to share with us the latest news regarding the launch on the consoles and Steam.

The cockpit-focused space shooter, which is a prequel of sorts to the original Rebel Galaxy (2015), was going to be released on all three consoles as early as August 2019. However, the team was prevented from devoting itself to the development of the game and so a delay followed. It seems to us that things are back under control, as stated by the developer's blog :

Today we’re sharing a little update: we’re passed the final hurdle with the final console (PS4) and nearly ready to launch on Steam.  So… we’re pleased to share a release date for all three consoles and Steam: September 22nd!  You can wishlist it right now on Steam — console pages will go up on release day.

RGO releases September 22nd for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam (as Epic exclusivity is ending). It has a solid critic's score of 77 percent on Metacritic, so if you like good-old-fashioned sim-like space-dogfighting in a randomly generated universe, you should keep track of this one. Be sure to check out the gameplay video for the Switch version at the beginning of this article, as it's looking very promising.

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