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Razer launch their first keyboard and mouse combo for Xbox One

Published: 23:33, 19 December 2018
Picture of the Razer Turret mouse and keyboard combo
Razer Turret

Xbox One users are one step closer to better shooter experience with Microsoft's decisive push for keyboard and mouse support for the platform. Razer partnered up with the former and officially launched their first wireless combo for Xbox.

Xbox One users, or PC ones, can already pre-order Razer Turret for $249,99. If it looks pricey, you are not wrong, especially considering that Xbox One X reached the price of $399 during the last Black Friday sale. This means the Razer mouse and keyboard combo will stand at 62 per cent of the price of an Xbox One X, not to mention the price of a regular Xbox One.

Anyway, the combo will feature various colour schemes that will change depending on the settings. As per usual, it will light up or tone down, depending on the game the user is playing. Turret is designed for Xbox One, so it will have a dedicated Xbox button that will open the dashboard for quick menu access.

According to the official description, Razer Turret will have a combined battery life of 40 hours, which is quite impressive for a wireless set, especially since there is literally no way to deplete the charge in a single day, no matter how hardcore the user may be. 

The lifespan is approximately over 80 million keystrokes, so it shouldn't be breaking down any time soon. It better not, considering the price point. There will be a two-year warranty, just in case.

Razer Turret may have been made with Xbox One in mind, but it will also work on PC, for which it will have a dedicated gaming mode. Considering Xbox One is also used for gaming, this is a rather odd way to name the PC mode.

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Shipping will start during Q1 2019, but pre-orders are available at the moment. Just like with any pre-order, we encourage potential buyers to first wait for reviews, before committing their money to a product that may not live up to their expectations. You can read more on the peripherals on the .

There is currently only five games mentioned that support keyboard and mouse on the console - Fortnite, X-Morph: Defense, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Warframe and Minecraft. Having keyboard and mouse input for these titles may be well worth it, but cheaper sets are bound to come in the future.

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