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Rage 2 PC system requirements finally revealed by Bethesda

Published: 15:12, 03 May 2019
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Rage 2

Bethesda has finally revealed system requirements for Rage 2 on PC so pre-orders on the game will make slightly more sense now that players can see if their rigs can handle id Software's the post-apocalyptic shiny killing extravaganza.

Rage 2 system requirements have been revealed on the official Bethesda website but weren't pasted to the Steam page at the time of writing.

Thankfully, the game will not be another 100 GB behemoth as it will require only half that space on your drive.

Minimum GPU requirements are not that bad as the game will require a GTX 780 with 3GB RAM or AMD R9 280 3GB. Meanwhile, the recommended GPU is a GTX 1070 or an AMD VEGA 56 8GB, both of which are sort of a standard for any new game's recommended settings.

CPU requirements are a bit of a different story since the minimum requirement is an i5 3570 or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X, both of which are considerably more powerful than the current standard AMD FX 8350 that can be found in most modern games' minimum requirements.

This hints at weaker optimisation for PC since neither PS4 nor Xbox One CPUs can compare to the ones that are listed in Rage 2's minimum requirements. The recommended CPUs aren't too high though, with i7 4770 and AMD Ryzen 5 1600X listed.

Both minimum and recommended requirements state 8GB RAM will do the job, once again hinting Rage 2 was made with consoles in mind and PC being an afterthought.

Keep in mind that Bethesda didn't specify what the recommended requirements refer to, but it is most likely high settings at 60 FPS on 1080p.

Bethesda Picture of the player ruining some NPC's day in Rage 2 Rage 2

It is still too early to judge the game but if the CPU and RAM requirements are anything to go by, PC users might be in for an ugly surprise on Rage 2's launch day. This is still speculation, but we would still recommend waiting for PC reviews to kick in before committing your wallet to the title.

You can check the listed on Bethesda's site for more clarity.

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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Rage 2

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