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PUBG cheat detection goes crazy and dishes out random bans, PUBG Corp apologises

Published: 16:12, 08 March 2018
Updated: 16:15, 08 March 2018
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Cheating in PUBG has long reached alarming levels but PUBG Corp's latest handling of the issue seems to have backfired somewhat seriously. Namely, a large number of PUBG players have now been branded cheaters and kicked off servers.

To be fair, people wanted PUBG to get rid of cheaters and, although not the first choice for most - kicking everyone does indeed fix the cheating problem.

However, it would then be the right time for PUBG Corp to address the playing problem, right? Apparently, they did, but we'll still wait for the public backlash to subside somewhat, because PUBG players are nowhere near happy.

Despite PUBG Corps' wording, PUBG players were not prevented from accessing the game, most of them were straight up kicked. Disgruntled PUBG players have swarmed the usual complaint channels and we must admit, this is one wicked slippery slope PUBG Corp is heading down on.

With players already out of their minds over seemingly endless waves of cheaters in PUBG, being branded as one and then kicked off of a server definitely seems like a seriously unfair kick in the teeth.

It's actually hard to count how many times we've reported on cheating in the popular survival shooter, but we do recall a few off the top of our head, such as the problem being and Bluehole banning upwards of a in January alone. 

PUBG Corp Two men and two men with weapons posing for PUBG PUBG Corp: Fever and Militia crate items

Of course, the game is still widely popular, hence the public outrage over seeming amateurish handling of these issues by Bluehole, PUBG Corp or however they decide to call themselves this time. Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale has been gathering serious pace in the meantime and with PUBG numbers on a steady decline, this surely won't help.

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