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Progression Identity changes in League of Legends

Published: 01:50, 15 July 2021
League of legends champion Darius, God-king skin splash
God-King Darius

In League, there are a variety of ways to show off who you are as a player: play style, role identity, Summoner Icons, Summoner Name, Prestige Level, rank, and favorite champion. Or, simply, "Progression Identity."

Due to League's ever-evolving style, current ways of marking one's progression identity are not enough, so new ones have to be invented. 

In striving to give players the best Progression Identity choices that fit their needs from a myriad of available possibilities, developers are looking at updating League's current roster of personalization elements with the following considerations in mind:

Allowing players more agency over their identity so they can show off their personal League brand more clearly,

Refreshing some of League’s core identity features alongside new system styles for 2021 and beyond.

Meaning that we’re looking at some of the following adaptations later this year and beyond directly related to the current Progression Identity components as well as new system content.

Identity Customization: It’s been years since Ranked Regalia and Prestige Level changes to the League ecosystem have been integrated, and a way to clearly select some of the borders that fit you the best has still not been provided. By the end of this year, developers are targeting the release of full identity customization. This will allow players to pick the borders, icons, and a few new personalization options being developed alongside the TBD new systems.

Riot Games A picture posted on the League of Legends Champion roadmap League of Legends often likes to tease new content

UI Updates to Gameflow: Alongside some fairly large system introductions to the in-and-around-game experience, developers have wanted to clean up some of the old and untouched styles throughout the game-flow screens: lobby, loading screen, and end-of-game. In doing so, the aging art style can be brought into 2021 and some space for some new and unique content types can be carved out.

Alongside these changes, prestige levels, as well as ranked emblems and regalia are getting an update.

Furthermore, new content will be added in the form of titles, identity crystals, and banner accents, for which there will be more explanations once everything is set in stone.

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