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Pokemon Gold and Silver coming to Nintendo Virtual Console

Published: 14:47, 06 June 2017
Updated: 14:48, 06 June 2017
Pokemon Gold and Silver

Today's Nintendo Direct stream has revealed that Pokemon Gold and Silver will be available via Virtual Console in September, along with ultra editions of Sun and Moon and a deluxe version of Pokken Tournament for the Switch.

Nintendo has announced today that the exciting Pokemon news they have been teasing in the past days is another batch of Virtual Console titles and Deluxe/Ultra editions. In other words, re-releases.

Nintendo Pokken Tournament gets 5 new Pokemon Pokken Tournament gets 5 new Pokemon

Pokken Tournament Deluxe, a Pokemon themed fighting game, will be arriving for the Switch on 22 September 2017. The Deluxe version will be adding 5 new Pokemon to the roster and utilising a variety of new features made possible by the Switch and its joy-con controllers.

The same day, Pokemon Gold and Silver will become available on Nintendo's Virtual Console re-release platform for the 3DS.

Nintendo Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon will also be getting ultra versions on 17 November 2017, with alternate storylines and additional Pokemon.

Nintendo will be showcasing the new versions during this year's E3 and they will playable on site. More announcements are coming during the same time via Nintendo Treehouse streams. 

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