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Game Freak - Pokemon developer is hiring

Published: 16:29, 20 March 2017
Game Freak
Pokemon Stars

Game Freak, the developer of the mainline Pokemon games is hiring

A job ad for a 3D CG designer talks about monster models and toon-like figures. It also speaks of a "worldwide popular RPG", and a console game up to "Wii U / PS Vita-level".

The ad re-ignited the rumours about the Pokemon Stars, an upgraded version of the Pokemon Sun and Moon for Nintendo Switch.

Game Freak Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Sun and Moon

Google translated the ad like this:

Game 3DCG designer

Fellows Co., Ltd. - Setagaya ku

Temporary staff

【Opportunities related to global popular RPG】 Character model of people · monster. Employment development environment is very well established Company is easy to commute with direct station. It is an opportunity to be involved in the development of the worldwide popular RPG! Since it is a title that has been released for a long time, the development environment is also very well set. It is a position you are looking for in an urgent posting! In addition, as long as development will become full-scale, long-term employment is possible. Schedule management is a very firm firm. Because it is directly connected to the station, it is easy to commute even on rainy days.

Atmosphere of workplace

The development environment is also good, it is a company that is good company inside! It is easy to work because schedule management is also solid

Job category

Game development - Game 3DCG designer

Game development - other

Job Description 

【Character modeling of world popular RPG game】

Main job

Creating character models in the development of consumer games · Please make data specifications in consultation with programmers. Based on the setting materials, we will create models of deformed toon-like figures, monsters, items and so on.

Modeling ~ Texture ~ Joint ~ We will leave weight adjustment.

Debugging work is also included in some business.

Case details

We will be involved in the production of popular RPG games worldwide. The platform is a consumer. It's a title that everyone knows and it will be a future career.

Salary / reward

Negotiable "Can consult on request basis"

Work location 

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

Start working

Same day ~ May 2018 schedule

※ There is a possibility of extension

Working hours 

11: 00 ~ 20: 00

Overtime hours


Work day

Monday - Friday

Holiday / Vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 


It is my job to subscribe such as various insurance from our company.

Qualification requirements 


· Character model production work using Maya

※ Business up to model · texture · weight · joint setting

· Working experience on a consumer plane


· Experience of trial determination

· Experience of deformed character production

· Production experience of monster model

Software used


Number of people

1 person 

From company representative

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