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PlayStation Network name changes have been confirmed

Published: 10:12, 11 October 2018
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I was going to come up with a joke about Sony going soft on us, what with cross-play and PlayStation Network ID changes being greenlighted in an incredibly short period of time, but it's been a while since any of the two have been funny.

As you can see from the video above, or read from his earlier , SubReal correctly snuffed out Sony's plans, as well as the fact it ain't coming anytime soon. Well, that's unless you consider Sony's announcement of "early 2019" soon, which is when the feature will fully launch for all PlayStation Network users.

The PSN Online ID Change feature will start beta testing as part of the PS Preview Program, meaning those who signed up as PS4 system software beta testers. The program lasts until November 2018, after which Sony should have enough troubleshooting figured out.

And troubleshooting they'll require, because it turns out that PSN Online ID Change will fully support only those games that launched after 1 April 2018. Let me save you a nervous and hurried trip to Wikipedia - God of War owners need not worry because the new-and-improved Kratos launched on 20 April 2018.

Sony will be coming out with an additional list of supported games at a later date but the company already warned PSN users that they may encounter issues with certain games, mostly older ones. In such cases, PSN Online ID Change feature will allow for reverting to your old name free of charge. Note that this feature will be available only once during the Preview Program though.

As expected, PSN Online ID Change will be free for the first name change, while latter namescapades will cost you $9.99. Well, that's unless you're a PlayStation Plus member, in which case you'll only pay $4.99. 

Sony Playstation logo PlayStation Network deals for the coming week in April 2018

In case you fear recognition issues, Sony will allow you to display your old ID next to the new one, so that people don't freak out. This too is a decision you can't change after the ID Change process is completed so choose wisely. Or get that tenner ready.

You can find Sony's official announcement .



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