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Playstation 5 will let you install game modes separately

Published: 07:10, 09 October 2019
Updated: 08:03, 09 October 2019
Steel Drake
artwork showing PS5 concept design
PS5 concept design

Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 5 is packed with new, exciting features and one of them will allow players to install a game's multiplayer, leaving singleplayer for later and vice versa.

Yesterday, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 5 release date and talked about some of the brand new features that the next-generation console will bring. As expected, there's a new Dualshock controller with a couple of neat additions and we also get an official confirmation that the rumoured hardware-accelerated ray tracing feature is indeed true.

However, one of the most interesting features in PlayStation 5 and one that future owners of the console will certainly appreciate is the ability to install game modes separately. For example, if you want to only play a multiplayer mode and leave singleplayer campaign for later, you will be able to do that with PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, you could also install the full game and just delete the singleplayer campaign once you are done with it. Here's what Sony system architect Mark Cerny had to say about the new installation feature. "Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we're allowing finer-grained access to the data," he explained.

Unfortunately, Cerny did not go into detail and this is the only bit in the Wired interview where he actually mentioned modular installation. However, now that the curtain is finally down, we expect to hear more about PlayStation 5 and its new features in the upcoming months.

All in all, judging by Cerny's words, it looks like PlayStation 5 could be a huge step forward for the gaming industry and one of the biggest console products that Sony ever made. Ray tracing, solid-state drive, modular installation and the new Dualshock 5 features sound great, hopefully, they will also work that way in late 2020, which is the release date for PlayStation 5.

LetsGoDigital artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 Render

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