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PlayStation 5 site is online, strongly suggests February event is not happening

Published: 09:34, 05 February 2020
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Official PlayStation 5 website is now online and it comes with a message, stating that Sony are not quite ready to fully unveil the next-gen console, which strongly suggests February reveal event is off.

It looks like the rumoured PlayStation 5 reveal event in February is not happening. Over at the , which went live yesterday, Sony have shared a message saying that they are not quite ready to fully reveal their next-generation console to the public.

"We've begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we're not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation," the Japanese tech giant confirmed in the message. 

Many rumours and reports from insiders suggested that Sony will host a huge event in February 2020, where several new games including new PlayStation exclusives would be revealed along with the full specs of the next-gen PlayStation.

This seems pretty unlikely now since we're already at 5 February, and the announcement is nowhere to be seen. With the latest message on the PS5 website, Sony are almost certainly closing the door, bringing all the rumours and leaks to an end.

Many assumed that PS5 reveal event in February is a real possibility because of the PlayStation 4 reveal, which took place in February 2013. However, it looks like Sony will not follow the same pattern with the PlayStation 5.

There is no indication when exactly Sony could announce the reveal date, E3 2020 is out of the question since the company already confirmed they will not participate on the world's biggest gaming expo for the second year in the row. 

Whether they host another event shortly before or after E3 2020, it remains to be seen.

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White - Set
PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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