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Devs ask players to pirate games instead of buying on G2A

Published: 06:26, 02 July 2019
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One would think that piracy is the bane of game developers on PC but it turns out there is one thing they hate more - G2A. This website has always been controversial but now devs are asking people to pirate games instead of buying on G2A.

Key reseller websites sometimes tend to come into possession of such keys in shady ways which usually translates into no revenue for the developers despite the customers having paid a certain price. In other words, it is the same for the devs whether the player paid for the key or not.

This prompted several people in the industry to once again burst out in anger over G2A's shady practices that tend to undermine the developers' growth and potential livelihood. 

The latest in the string of underhanded tactics turned out to be G2A adverts that pop up on Google search even above the official stores' links. Upon trying to turn their ads off, Mike Rose of tinyBuild found out the attempt was futile which prompted him to post another tweet labelled " ".

Rose continued on to ask players to pirate tinyBuild's games instead of buying them from G2A in case they weren't going to buy them from an officially partnered store. 

and tuned in with their own tweets with both parties straight up asking people to torrent their games.

As you may already be aware, keys bought on G2A sometimes happen to be fraudulent or bought with stolen credit cards. Both cases can result in the keys going invalid and players tend to ask developers for help once it happens.

Therefore, the developers are left to deal with customer support while not earning any money which quickly paints a picture of G2A's parasitic nature where they grab the money and impose costs on developers.

Gearbox Picture of Duke and Ishi in Bulletstorm Full Clip Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - Duke

As such, it is not hard to see why developers prefer players to just pirate their games instead. They don't have to go through additional customer support with no gains and don't need to lose time over disputes created by a shady key reseller.

In case you are unsure whether G2A's practices are really that bad, we attached the late TotalBiscuit's video above that contains educational content as well as examples of G2A's underhanded tactics. No, the ads that can't be disabled aren't the only problem around.


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