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OPL, the Australian pro league in LoL, is shutting down

Published: 01:14, 08 October 2020
Riot Games
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Riot Games announced that Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is shutting down since the ecosystem was not sustainable due to lack of interest in the region.

OPL is one of the wildcard regions in League of Legends esports. That basically means it's a minor region that doesn't get a guaranteed World Championship spot and only the best teams from it can even compete in the play-in stage for the biggest tournament of the year. While most minor leagues continue to operate with no major issues, this is not the case with Oceania's top-flight competition.

Riot Games announced that the league will be shutting down and the company's Sydney office is also going out of business since its primary purpose was running the league. 

That said, players from Oceania can still look forward to some esports support from Riot since 2021 will bring changes to import rules in North American major league, the LCS. Namely, aspiring pro players from OCE can hope to get into North American organisations since they will no longer be considered imports in the LCS.

Furthermore, there will be qualifying tournaments for both MSI and World Championship held in OCE so the local teams will still have a chance to represent their region at the international stage.

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Overall, this change should bolster the NA ranks with an influx of aspiring rookies from the land down under. This is something that NA severely lacks and it usually manifests during the international tournaments.

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